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Tuesday, August 22nd, 2023 5:07 PM

Need help resolve mess caused by uncaring living at & t acct wireless rep manager


Logan Williams, AT&T management rep show up at my house. here for over an hour. Pushing  sales on me that he was going to give me all these deals that I would have a better deal than I was getting already I had metro & was getting a great deal already $30 month unlimited and great service.

I finally switched mostly in order for him to get his commission. Kindness  get me nowhere but with more problems and a cost! Trying to explain the situation is difficult, everything’s difficult for me being bipolar on top of just losing my mom from covid!   I wrote down everything this rep from AT&T Logan Williams promised , bill would  be $6 cheaper ( I was pay $30 at metro)  Im not able to complete  steps to get new phone  switched over, transfer all my information from old phone,  worried id lose social pictures  & stuff of my mom, I don’t drive at moment so not able  turn trade in  to store . Due tmy mental state , being bipolar, disabilities make difficult me and since my mom passed mostly impossible for me to handle or complete! Logan Williams said  hed ome back  my house after new phone  arrived , he’d  take care oeverything start to finish! I told him I’ve been promised things before. He stated he treated people , gave service as he’ want his mom to get! !wrote every detail down while Mr. Logan Williams did recap of all had him agree all correct as he said! https://1drv.ms/w/s!AuPtwsR625eogQe6d33GqiMUKX5q?e=Zu72Lb

 switch because with my disability , being bipolar , and  losing my mom  I was having a hard time going from a to z on Anything I was trying to accomplish taking care of all her affairs and so on. He promised me that he would come back to my house. And he would set up my phone, pick up my trade in phone and handle all the trade in details and get that discount on my bill and he’d make sure all was exactly as he promised and I said that is what everyone  says and he promised me that he wasn't like everybody else. He treated people the way he wanted to be treated. The way he wanted his mom to be treated. If that's how he treats his mom? The way he's treated me. I would hate  to be his mom. So I get my phone and call him to let him know and he says can try set up over phone and if I couldn’t he’d do as promised  when he came  back to my house to get my old phone as he promised and he gets set it up over the phone,  Not come to my house like promised!  he's supposed to come. Pick up the trade and he doesn't come. When I get my bill? It's like it's enough I could've paid metro 6 months. It was like a $187. And I was paying 30 at metro a month. I can't contact him or I try by email , phone and text! I finally after several days get a TEXT, and he tells me that he told me it was going to be high bill first 2 or 3 bills be high! Uh NO BECAUSEI DEFINITELY would NOT have sgreed to switch! I’m on disability,  likited income and hsve no familyor any limited income, I have Noone to help me if I am not able  my bills! No HE NEVER MENTIONEDANY anything about thst! He told me I'm going to be $6 cheaper. I wrote everything down.  I ASK HIM please to fix this and when woild he be here to help complete set up , transfer all ftom old to new phone & get trade in taken care if for bill credit  which even with the bill credit my bill was now way more than as metro! He finally sends me a text not even a phone call and tells me he suggests I  go back to my other carrier at this point. And that maybe  AT&T  take the phone back &  Refund my money. It's already been way too many days  to do that. And I can't  switch back to metro Because I have a bill on this phone now.. So I call AT&T or chat or try for week or more trying get someone help with ! Ljke I told him up front im still tryjbg to take care of my moms affairsand my own and have difficulty complete  and I cant deal with the  way when try get help especially. to chat and get disconnected and don’t call back  as say will if that happens or transfer u all over place just chaotic and I can’t,  I just (Edited per community guidelines) down! & finally got at & t rep who actually was bipolar as well and so so he understood what it is like  being  bipolar and dealing with  all this,  he  adjust what he  can on my bill , some discounts could not apply at this point , he said only be applied  to when initially  when  logan switched me and then since Logan never p. Up my trade in as promised he and gets extension  approval to still get trade in credit and resends trade in ship label. I  printef notice and realize it’s marked  DONATE on  label  and I contact chat for trade in and am told how I can try get at & t to honor trade in and  that was marked initially was marked donate and tells what I need tell customers care to fix! Then new phone stops make calls says not registered on network abd so I am using old phone on different service I had with boost  was my number  then my mom passes and I switched using her number which has been my number since  I a   kid , and my only connection to anyone that knew my mom, my family and I DON’T WANT TO LOSE because I can’t afford to pay  bill!!! phone hasn’t worked well from start, freezes up… well from start now it just won’t make calls or receive  not registered on networks emergency CALLS ONLY! 


 I can not handle chat text  if need start that way it's fine but Easier for me on phone call. My text skills slow! Thank you!


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10 months ago

This is not a way to contact AT&T, and even if it were, no one is going to read that wall of words.

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10 months ago

K.I.S.S.  💋





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10 months ago

They are 3rd party not AT&T or employees also this is a duplicate of your previous post 

ACE - Sage


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10 months ago

Anyone who compares a prepaid MVNO of any service provider to a post-paid service provider that allows you to finance phones is comparing apples to jackhammers.  

You did a little better job with this post than your original one. Please do not continue to make new posts. This is a community forum populated by other customers. This is not how you reach upper management. You can file a better business bureau complaint online which will be forwarded to upper management and they will contact you.

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