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Monday, March 6th, 2023 4:25 PM

Lg velvet 5g, How unlocked from at&t

Hi, I buy lg velvet 5g (at&t) from a Pakistani market that is locked to operator. I didn't know the fact that its can't be used in Pakistan. I live in flood affected area and eagerly need to use phone service to surive. I have no resources to change this phone or buy another one. Please help how can I use it at least for few days.

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7 months ago

Since AT&T does not sell phones outside of the usa, it would be most likely that the phone question was lost or stolen, which means it cannot be unlocked .

If the link at the top for the unlock portal does not results in an approved unlock, then return the phone to where you got it. AT&T can't do anything for you

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