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Thu, Oct 22, 2020 1:20 AM

LG V20 - Language Selection, Registration, ROM Capacity, Battery Care, Software Updates


I am asking these questions because the User Manual is inadequate in supplying the information I am seeking.

My Sister, in Australia, received, on my behalf, a NEW (Brand New In Box) Unlocked AT&T V20 phone from an Ebay Seller in Hong Kong. She will be forwarding it on to me in South America.

The reason this phone was chosen was because the battery can be easily replaced by the User. LG should NEVER have stopped making phones like this and should set their own trends instead of following the trends of others.

At this point in time we have not progressed past the Welcome Screen to begin the initial Device Setup process.

Is the Device Setup process different for an UNLOCKED phone? The Welcome Screen image (see attached) provided by my Sister is different to that displayed on the following page.


Image of Welcome Screen taken by my Sister.

Language Selection
I would like to have "English (Australia)" as the System (Display) Language.

From the Welcome Screen, the only English Language selections available are English (United States) and English (Canada).

Is English (Australia) available for selection from within the "Language & input" Settings AFTER the initial Device Setup process has been completed?

If not, is it possible to install English (Australia), for the System (Display) Language, after the initial Device Setup has been completed?

ROM Capacity
Entering the IMEI number on various IMEI Checking websites produced differing results for the specifications for this phone.

Does the label, in the battery compartment, indicate the capacity of ROM storage the phone has?

If so, can the battery be removed to read this information without corrupting, in any way, the initial Device Setup process?

Can the Device Setup process be bypassed to enter the Settings screen so as to access the "Internal storage" information?

If so, can this be done by Swiping Down from the Top of the screen when the Welcome Screen is displayed or is there another way to do it?

Registration & Warranty Claims
Given that this is the LGH910.AATTSV (AT&T - USA) model, can this phone be registered using LG's Australian portal given that I will be returning to Australia when the COVID-19 scamdemic has been terminated?

Is LG responsible for any Warranty Claims or is the Seller in Hong Kong or AT&T responsible for these?

Battery Care
How detrimental to the life of the battery would it be when using the phone when it is connected to the charger?

How detrimental to the life of the battery would it be when using the phone for tethering to a computer for more than 8 hours per day?

What is the best way to condition the battery to get the most life (use) out of (from) it? One suggestion, I have seen on the Internet, details the following.

"Deep cycle charge during first few charge cycles. Run them down to 10%, then charge for 6hrs or more. This seemed to 'calibrate' the battery for maximum use for me. Initially could only get 24 hrs use, but after deep cycle charge was able to get 35 hrs."

What is the recommended number of Deep Cycle Charges that should be performed?

Is there a list of approved higher capacity batteries that can be used with this phone?

Software Upgrades
Will the available Software Updates be able to be done by OTA (Over The Air) updating from Australia or South America?

Thank you!!


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1 y ago

You get no updates and no warranty.  A phone that old since sold outside the USA has no warranty.  

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