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Monday, August 3rd, 2015 4:04 AM

In a Hot Spot Panic

I never sign up for 2 year anything, ever, and recently I signed up for the 2 year contract hot spot. I am now concerned that the data usage is going to be accumulationg even if I am not using the computer.  I need an answer ASAP because I am waiting to hear back before I activate the hot spot I got in the mail yesterday.  I am used to having DSL and was initially told I could no longer have it because of upcoming changing.  I need comparable service to DSL with a great price and lots of data usage.  



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8 years ago

Do you have a smart phone with a data plan? Using a hot spot should be very similar - watching videos and big download will increase your data usage. Turn it off and no data is used.

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8 years ago

Mobile hot spots are never cheap, data wise.  Even with limited use, a computer can easily run 30-50 GBs of data a month.


You can control how and when by turning it off.  

You have 14 days to change your mind and return the hotspot and recind the contract

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8 years ago

If you want DSL type service then you dont want a hot spot.  On my cable connection at home we use upwards of 650GB a month.

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