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Monday, May 5th, 2014 6:33 PM

I'm not receiving texts messages anymore

Hello!  Yesterday, my android phone, a Motorola Atrix, stopped receiving texts messages.  I think I can send them... but since I can't receive any I cannot veryify from others whether they're receiving them or not.  I know for sure that I am not receiving any since I have Google Voice set up to send me my voicemail as transcribed texts.  When I checked Google Voice, I have received a voicemail which normally gets transcribed and sent to me, but I did not receive it.


I don't think I installed any new apps that would hijack my texts from Handsent SMS, so I don't think that's the problem.


Does anybody have any ideas for how I can fix this?  Any info you can provide me will be really appreciated!


Thanks a lot!

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9 years ago

Hello @koesherbacon 


First thing I recommend to try is a reset, take the back of the phone off and remove the battery for at least 10 seconds, then put back together and restart the phone. If that doesn't help, your next step should be replacing your SIM card, any corporate AT&T store will be able to give you one for free and test your phone there.




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