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Sunday, March 5th, 2023 2:00 PM

I have a locked surface duo.

I bought a surface duo with an at&t lock.
I used the at&tunlock service to release it, but it doesn't move on with the warning "technical issue".
I personally asked Microsoft about the issue, and a few days later they said it had been handled and recommended that they try the at&t unlock service again.
However, similarly, only the "technical issue" warning window appears and does not proceed. 
I would like to ask for a way to deliver my device's IMEI and request to unlock it or a personal email address.
Thank you.

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7 months ago

If you are outside the USA, and have purchased an AT&t locked device you may never be able to unlock it. I know the AT&t lock device was substantially cheaper and now you know why. Return it. Purchase a device that is all ready unlocked

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