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Mon, May 5, 2014 5:46 AM

How do I know if my phone is new instead of the refurbished models?

I just bought an HTC one mini and I was wondering how I can tell if it's a new phone or a refurbished model so that I can use the extra Google drive storage!


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Wild Banchi



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6 years ago

If the original packaging and/or billing statement was included with your purchase, that may help to determine whether or not your phone is a refurbished model. It should say "refurb." If it does not, then it is likely not a refurb. Other than that, there is no other way to tell.

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6 years ago

Another difference is the new one will cone with a device and model specific box, while refurbs ship in a generic box with AT&T logo and just a sticker with a model number and IMEI number on it, similar to this:






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4 years ago

I am a new customer to ATT and I had to order my phones because the store that I went to did not have any in stock.  I was charged full new price but feel that I got 3 refurbished phones and 1 new one.  I did see the 1st was in a new box, but the other 3 came in boxes are you have pictured here but does not refurbished phone on the box.  When I went to the store and questioned them about this they said that sometimes the original boxes get damaged and they have to send the new phones in these boxes.  If these boxes were so badly damaged why did they still send me these phones?  The worst part is that nobody at ATT wants to do anything about their shady business practices.

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