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Sun, May 1, 2022 7:48 PM

Free Cell Phone Booster to replace 3g microcell

Dear ATT,


In March, I tried to follow the instructions in an email I received from ATT to accept my new cell phone booster(s) [I have two].   I followed the instructions, succeeded in the authentication to my phone, and then I received a message “something went wrong” call us at a number.   I tried this two additional times on subsequent days with the same result.


In March, following the instructions in the error message I called att at the number provided to try to get my booster ordered.  The first time I was told that there was a problem with the web site that would be cleared in a couple of days.   It wasn’t.


The second time I tried, I failed again, I called, I was told the same thing, that the website was having problems and the error would be cleared in a couple of days.   Again, it was not cleared.


The third time I called, I was told that ATT was out of boosters and that is why the web site was not working.   I was told my account would be annotated with the fact that I was responding before the March deadline and that I would receive my boosters when they became available.   I have not received anything.


Since then, I have moved to Texas.   Today, I tried once again to use the web link below and found out that it is no longer working???


In March, I also replied to the original email describing this series of events.   The email was apparently ignored.   I never heard anything.


I would appreciate it very much if someone at ATT would cut through whatever red tape is left and send me my promised boosters.


I would also appreciate an acknowledgement from a real person that you have heard and understood my concerns.


Thank you in advance,





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This is a public forum, please remove your personal information unless you want more spam calls. 




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The free booster program is over. They are now for sale. 

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AT&T ran out of boosters before February 22nd, they did not have any in March. I have no idea what March deadline they were talking about. 

On April 1st they went back up on the website so that they could be purchased.

They aren't free.  If you are unable to use Wi-Fi calling, then you can order one online, $229

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