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Tuesday, December 12th, 2023 1:55 AM

Fraudulent activities from BJs ATT kiosk

Hi.. I went to Bjs to purchase some groceries 5 months back and ATT representative has stopped me and said some offers going on if you add a new line from Bjs ATT store. So I asked how much will be line charge per month, for that she asked me to authenticate my account before checking. So I provided the details for authentication of my existing ATT account. She verified the details and mentioned 30$ per line and device cost I need to pay which is approx 55$ per month, then I said 55 $ is do high and I don’t want to that plan currently and I will think later.But she told today’s is the last date for Bjs promotion and she said she will reserve offer for me and will not place order so that the reservation holds good for 15 days. I clearly told her not to place an order until I confirmed and left the bjs store. Next day I got an email saying order has been placed. So I messaged her saying why you have placed a placed an order with out any  confirmation my side. Then she replied that email is only for promotion and not for any order placement and she included my old home address which I am not there any more. So I believed her words and thought order is only for promotions not actual order. And also I cross checked my account my login into Att and no new line it was shown. So I believed her words and left the place. After 4 months when I login into my account I am seeing monthly 83$ is charging on the new line and I am completely shocked on seeing this which I have not received the mobile , not activated the line and not received any bjs promotion. So I escalated the issue to Att fraud management team they verified and replied me saying myself as authenticated the transaction. But I did only for verify the line charges not for placing the order. I went to the bjs Att store and exaplained the situation they said the associate is no more with ATT bjs and they fired her and mentioned they will escalate the issue. First two days they responded properly but they are not giving any resolution. Third day onwards they are giving irrelevant solutions and suggestions to me and escaping from the situation. Even though I am asking ticket number and other details and details what they have escalated they are not providing any support. Simply if they are saying escalated the issue but not providing any ticket number or reference # or not even any solution. ATT team is saying if bjs att representatives add any comment saying it is fraud done by her associate in my account then they will remove my line and will refund what ever amount they charged so far. But Bjs att representatives are not responding. I have the messaging chat  that I did with representatives who placed the order with out my consent. But I am not getting any support from Bjs ATT guys. Please help me how to get out of this problem?

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6 months ago

And, to add to what @Lockdowncraziness posted, those kiosks are independently owned and operated totally separate from AT&T. They just send the sale information to AT&T who has no clue as to what was said and/or promised to the customer so technically, you did business with the retailer and not AT&T. 

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6 months ago

The reps at BJ’s are not employees of AT&T. File a BBB complaint against BJ’s. 

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