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Sunday, October 19th, 2014 2:08 AM

AT&T Phone not receiving phone service, cannot call/text

Hi. I've been having this problem on and off for a week or so know where for periods of time (1-4 ish hours) my phone just does not receive phone service, and I cannot call/text anybody. Most times, if I leave the room, I can find service elsewhere and simply assumed it was an issue with the service provider.


5 o'clock EST was the last time I had looked at my phone, or recall looking at it, before 7 o'clock, when I picked it up to send a message and realized I had no service available. I haven't had any since- it's been three hours. I got up and walked around my house to try and find some service, but I actually couldn't get any- the most I got was one measly bar, which doesn't allow me to make calls or send messages.


I googled the problem and came across some AT&T customers who said it was a SIM card problem- I tried removing the battery for 10, 30 seconds before powering the device back on, I tried taking out the SIM card and replacing it, I even tried to switch my SIM with another family members to see if theirs would work in my phone- he had service on his device, I still didn't have any service with his SIM card.


I have dropped the device several times in the past, but it's never shown problems before and it's been quite awhile since it was last dropped as far as I can remember. It's been suggested to me that perhaps the antennae has been broken or disrupted, although I've no idea if that even makes sense (not to mention how a SIM card can disrupt service connections).


My phone is a LG Expression, a phone I got with a free upgrade. I don't have the money to get a new phone, so I'm hoping for an easy, self fix.


Is this an internal problem? A service issue? Could it be possible that my phone isn't currently getting coverage, for any reason, although phones on the same line are receiving service? Is it the SIM card or antennae or the battery? Is it just that the service connection is weak and my phone isn't strong enough to pick it up (I've noticed smartphones can pick up the faint bits of service inside schools and public buildings while my phone cannot)?



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10 years ago

Since you've already done some basic troubleshooting and you have found that your SIM works fin in other phones, and their SIM doesn't work so well in your phone, I would guess that you have some type fo hardware issue with your phone.  Most smartphones come with a 1 year manufacturer's warranty, so you could try contacting the Manufacturer to see if your phone is still under warranty.  If it is, they should be able to repair or replace your phone for you.  You may have to ship it in to them and wait for the replacement to be shipped back to you though, so you may be without your phone for a week or two while the replacement process is underway...

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