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Wednesday, September 13th, 2023 4:33 AM

AT&T Note 9 bought from AT&T store doesn't work

I've got 3 AT&T Note 9 that are AT&T branded and I purchased from AT&T store. All 3 are paid off in full. Using AT&T Straight Talk. They all were working just fine after the 3G shut down. All calls, texts & internet work without any problems. That was until I acquired the unlock code for all three of them and unlocked them so I could still use it when I travel. Used AT&T unlocking process through them and the moment my phone came back up after rebooting no longer could I make phone calls internet worked fine text messages picture messages fine all three of them exact same problem but I can take an S4 Mini AT&T branded not unlocked with the same SIM card out of my notes calls work just fine. 

What I have found out is after they unlocked my device they changed the CSC code to where it shows Factory unlock note 9 instead of it being AT&T branded unlocked device

ACE - Sage


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3 months ago

If straight talk is your provider, take up your issues with them. There is absolutely no reason a factory unlocked Samsung Note 9 would not work perfectly on Verizon owned,  straight talk mobile 

Community Support


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3 months ago

Hey @turbomike, let's help follow up on this.


After the device is unlocked by AT&T, we don't have an option to make the changes in the network setting. Please do contact the current service provider for more details. 


Let us know if you have any more questions.


Thank you,

Scarlett, AT&T Community Specialist

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