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Wednesday, April 24th, 2019 2:39 AM

at&t nighthawk question

so after reading several forums i was able to generate an imei, and i ordered a H2O sim card from ebay for $1.50 so i could use its iccid number in order to create a profile for the unlimited plan at&t offers for tablets.  i inserted the sim card behind the battery and i've been waiting for an hour for something to happen......


has anyone else tried this?  if so, did i do something wrong?  please help, thank you 🙂

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4 years ago

H2O is an MVNO, that means they are a separate company that resells At&t Service.  You cannot get At&t service, from At&t, without an At&t SIM card. 

Pan H2O SIM card has to be used to get service with H2O, not At&t.  


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