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Thu, Sep 26, 2019 2:36 PM

ATT Internet Device IFWA40 - Super Slow .08 mbps speed tested -

So I just got this thing and have tried moving it, resetting it, hard wired into it... everything suggested from every corner of the internet. 


It shows full bars but still the same 100+ dBm and .08 mbps speeds. 


Are these devices notorious for not working properly?

The reviews are 50/50 love or hate. I've got a couple antennas coming but I don't really think they will miraculously fix the problem considering I have a Sprint mobile hotspot that pulls 35mbps with no antenna.


I'm still within the 2 week return period and I don't want to get saddled with a 100$ a month paper weight so if anyone has any advice, i'd appreciate it.


I live in a rural area but there is an ATT tower a couple miles away so I thought this would of been a no brainer for service.


Thanks in advance


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6 months ago

Hello, @RuralDweller,


Thank you for reaching out on your speeds. We'd love to check the wireless signal in your area. To protect your privacy, we'll do so in a private message (PM.) Please check your forums private messages by clicking the Forums Inbox. Locate the PM from ATTCares and reply to the message with your specific details.


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6 months ago

Were you able to get this resolved? I have passed the two week period thinking maybe it was location when we first got ours. Since then, every spot we've tried it out we get the same 0.01-0.07Mb download speed. AT&T replaced the original device but the replacement has the same issue and I fear I've purchased the paper weight you mentioned...



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6 months ago

No luck, by the time I figured out what antennas actually worked and those came in the mail I had already had enough and just returned it and cancelled the service.  

You could maybe try an antenna to see if that helps, but as stated, mine was at full bars and still terrible speeds.  Is there a return limit? Keep returning the junk, maybe you'll get one that works.

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@RuralDweller Saw this on another discussion "I purchased a AT&T IF0WA-4 also and had same problem slow .07mps speeds. After calling product support (useless) with answers other than reading this forum and telling me others had the same problem I went to local AT&T store. Manager tested it and showed .07mps then brought out another AT&T IF0WA-4 and swapped my sim card and it also tested at .07mps. Manager then called there number for product support and after 45 minutes determined that the AT&T IF0WA-40 was setup on a voice only plan(slow data) and not linked to my data plan. Evidently the AT&T IF0WA-4 has to be setup on its own data plan and then linked to my data plan. After this was done speed test was same as my cell phone tested at 40mps. Wish AT&T would take the time to train employees on new products and all these problems could be avoided."

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