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Sunday, December 31st, 2023 9:12 AM

2nd Order this week and still having issues

I had a huge problem two days ago ordering my new iPhone 15 Pro Max.  ATT cancelled my order at 7am because the couldnt verify my ID.  I submitted my passport.  If the passport can be used at the federal level, why is it not good enough for ATT?  Anywho, I chatted with a live rep the next morning and had to escalate to a manger because she couldn't help me. The manager called my cell a few minutes later.  He started of RUDE, SHORT, and not willing to help me.  He kept telling me that there was nothing he could do and he was the top of the line.  There was no one above him or beside him that could help me.  I was beyond frustrated at this point, and he put me on hold again, with what he said was going to be "brief".  A few minutes later, a different man picked up the line and immediately started asking me all the same questions as the first.  I het different depts, you have to verify, however i was upset then (Edited per community guidelines) after this.  WE got through the call and I was satisfied.  My phone showed up the next morning.

That brings me to yesterday.  I need a hotspot where I live to enjoy the simpler things in life - internet/WIFI.  I ordered one.  10 minutes after ordering, I got a text and an email to verify my ID by uploading my ID.  I uploaded my passport again and got a confirmation that it was successful.  A few hours go by and my order is still on hold because ATT NEEDS TO VERIFY MY ID.

Im over ordering anything from ATT. I will never order via the app or online.  But heres the kicker.... YOU CANT BUY THIS HOTSPOT IN THE STORE.  ONLINE ONLY.  So what am i going to hav eto do> Go to an ATT store to have a re hold my hand through this same Process!?!?!?  No THANK YOU! I hope someone reads this before 6am to (Edited per community guidelines) it in the bud before I lose it on someone.

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4 months ago

They say 24/7... but the AI says call back when the offices are open.

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4 months ago

  Update @ 9am;

I was on the phone for an hour this time.... no resolution to my order, just small credits for data and the activation fee.  That doesnt even begin to cover what mental anguish Im going through to order a hotspot.  I tried to get in front of it this time and that didnt even work..  They could verify my ID AGAIN USING MY PASSPORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Im over it.... I cant even use my account to order because their help desk is removing the block on my online account.  SHOULD I TRY ONE MORE TIME, OR JUST GO GET A DEVICE AND AND BRING MY OWN?


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4 months ago

Update at 1pm:

Ive ben at my desk, short of a couple bathroom breaks, trying to get my order to process online. I waited the hour for the Help desk to remove the order block, I never got a call back from the last rep who told me he would call me to personally make sure that this goes through, so I went online and placed my order again.  As soon as that was done, I received the ID Verification text and email.  I completed the ID verification with my PASSPORT AGAIN. I got back online to check the status and decided to call and start a chat.  The chat line was long and the call wait time was 14-17 min.  I chose to get a call back.  Someone called back about 7 min later and hung up on me.  I called back and while waiting on hold, my order was cancelled for my security purposes.

I AM BEYOND ANGRY NOW.  ITS LIKE ATT DOESNT CARE AND THEY ARE PURPOSEFULLY CANCELLING MY ORDERS.  25 minutes and the system cancelled it?  I dont think so, because that same system says you have 24 hrs to complete.  The rep put me on hold to get more info and to work with the help desk  before they did, they told me they will get this done for me.  They came back just now and told me that I HAVE TO GO TO A STORE to complete this order.  They arent paying attention.  Ive even asked for them to read the notes and get familiar. Im trying to hold it together, HOIW HARD IS IT TO BUY SOMETHING FROM A COMPANY?? I get there are security measures in place, AMAZON doesn't cancel orders for your security! It boggles my mind that I have two factor authentication to sign in online, and when I call they ask 3 security questions.  Pretty secure, if you ask me. THEY GUY THAT VERIFIES HIS IDENTITY AND THEY STILL CANCEL HIS ORDER.  

Im on hold waiting for a supervisor, 50 minutes into the call and Im no closer to a solution. The supervisor didnt listen to my concerns when she asked me.  Just kept telling me to go to a store.  Going to a store is not an option I have.  Hence the online orders. I asked to speak to someone else, on hold waiting for CUSTOMER CARE.  I didnt realize there is a special dept for caring for the customer because I can tell that some employees care, I mean actually care, then other dont.

The supervisor transferred me to VIRTUAL SALES.  They also told me to go to a store.  On hold again-  17 minute wait time.  Im going to take a that 17- 20 min break..... trying to set up the call back and they had a 403 number listed. What is going on!!! 


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