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Thu, Jan 23, 2020 1:54 AM

The WORST service ever!!!!!!

Don’t believe their BOGO, phone call agent even live chat, nobody knows what they doing!!!! Only lying lying lying and never resolved issues!!

I’ve been signed up for BOGO promotions in September 2019 which available to have buy one get one $700 credit and $300 reward card if add a new line and switch to unlimited plan. We went to store and double check with retailers, said yes, we were qualified it and did whatever we’re supposed to do. Wait for billing, no $300 reward card and get charged for both phones. Called first time, be told to wait until next pay period. Ok , another month, nothing changed, have called several times, different agent had different answer, some said we were not qualified for anything, Talked to supervisor, he was sure we get credit back and need to switch to unlimited plan to get $300. We did switch.

Month later, same billing. Plus I was keep checking if I had insurance with my new phone, all the answer is yes, it’s insured.

Until now, Jan 2020.Have called for hundred times, Final answer is we’re not qualified for anything, my phone has no insurance, and because they don’t have any record for any conversation, they won’t change anything either.

Never had experience like this, an international company never trained their employees and treat their customers like (Edited per community guidelines). WORST EVER!!!! Will just switch to another one, not going to earn my money!!


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