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Wednesday, October 24th, 2018 7:20 AM

No way for a non US resident to cancel AutoPay



I was on a business trip in USA for two weeks and bought an AT&T prepaid SIM with AutoPay.

I am now back in Europe and I am finding it impossible to cancel AutoPay.


1.)  Tried creating an AT&T ID (https://www.att.com/my/#/welcome?origination_point=login&generate_token=false&from_page=webreg), but can't because I don't have a billing zip code.

2.) Tried logging in with the prepaid login (https://www.paygonline.com/websc/loginPage.html), but can't because I can't receive an SMS with the verification code (the SIM doen't work in Europe).

3.) I would have to call your support for travel abroad, but can't because the SIM doesn't work in Europe.

4.) I can't use the chat support option because for some reason prepaid doesn't have that option.


My only option right now is to call my bank and block any payments coming from you guys and hope you give up after payments fail.

But since I might be going back to USA I want to reuse this SIM card then, so I don't want it to be full of failed payments.


What can I do?

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6 years ago

To cancel autopay your options are to call or get your bank/credit card to block the charge. If using a credit card, cancelling the card and getting a new one issued will work. If you choose to call, the following info is from customer support: 


Customers in these situations need to call one of two numbers:

     Outside of the U.S. - 1-314-925-6925 - The agent can call them back at their number so they don't rack up big toll charges.

     Inside the U.S. -  1-800-901-9878


If you cancel autopay, your account will close if your account balance is $0 for more than 60 days which means you won’t be able to use that SIM card when on return. If you want to keep the SIM card active, change to the $0.25/minute plan and either leave autopay on or refill your account with $100. A $100 refill is good for a year. A $25 refill is good for 90 days, so having autopay set to add $25 every 90 days will keep your account open. The accumulated balance can be used when you return, just change back to whatever plan you had.



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6 years ago

What can I do?

Cancel autopay before you leave the country. AT&T service is only for use within the United States, so of course it's not set up for people to use outside the country. Why would you even sign up for autopay in the first place when you know you're only using the service for two weeks?

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