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Monday, July 3rd, 2023 1:06 AM

Need to update my social security number for my account

Good evening. I was recently hacked and most of my information was changed in my account. I was able to update my passcode & email, but my social security number needs to be updated. I have called and spoken to billing on three different occasions. First, I was able to update some info, but billing was closed, so call back. Call #2, called and was told there was a 48 hour fraud hold and we needed to wait, call back in a few days. Call #3, called and was told that they can't help me and it has to be done at a store. The billing rep told me to go to any store. Store visit #1, rep can't help, come back tomorrow as the manager needs to override. Visit #2, spoke to the manager and they had no idea what to do. Turns out it was an authorized retailer, not a corporate store. Visit #3, go to a corporate store, rep tells me that they can help me with no problem, but needs a manager to override, and she is not in. Visit #4, go to the corporate store, speak with the manager, nope.... Nothing she can do other than change all the billing and create a new account. This is contradictory to what I have been told by every other rep that I have spoken to over the course of a week. I just need someone to help me. Please assist and make me happy about the fact that I switched to AT&T after 25 years with Verizon. Never had any issues with Verizon like this, but AT&T has better coverage where I live now. We switched all of our services and 6 lines to AT&T in good faith. Well, that faith is being tested for sure right now!

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10 months ago

If you haven't spoken to the fraud department, that might be a place to start. The fraud department is a 9 to 5:00 Monday through Friday department and there's been quite a bit of dissatisfaction with their responses. If you're recovering a hacked account it's possible you've already dealt with a fraud department and already have an opinion formed about them. Hopefully it's not a bad one.

If you've been unable to get help through fraud, customer support certainly is not going to help. I would recommend filing a complaint with either FCC or the better Business bureau. It doesn't matter which. Your complaint is forwarded back to AT&T upper management and you will get a call from The office of the President. This is the best way to bypass all the peons and get to someone who can actually do something.

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10 months ago

Hi scotthariton, we understand how important it is to get your account back. We want to point you in the right direction. 


Like our ACE formerlyknownas suggested, please reach out to our Fraud Team at 877.844.5584 to assist you with your account takeover. Learn more about reporting Fraud, which highlights: 


Contacting any of the three major credit bureaus to place a fraud alert on your credit file. The fraud alert asks creditors to contact you before opening new accounts or making changes to your existing accounts.

More steps to take in case of identity theft:

  • Close accounts you know or suspect were tampered with or opened fraudulently.
  • File a police report. Get a copy of it to submit to your creditors or others who may require proof of the crime.
  • Report identity theft at
  • File your complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) online at or by calling the FTC. The FTC maintains an identity theft database law enforcement agencies use for investigations. Filing a complaint also helps the FTC better assist you as they learn more about identity theft and the problems it creates.

We hope this helps and thank you for reaching out to the AT&T Community Forums!


Rhoda, AT&T Community Specialist 

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