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Saturday, May 2nd, 2020 11:53 PM

how to stop the service of the cellphone SIM card&payment problem

Hi, I'm a South Korean who study in United State. I bought a cellphone SIM card from at&t with AT&T UNLIMITED STARTERSM plan($35 per line/mo) to use while I study in United State, but due to Corona-19, I came back to Korea, and I want to stop the plan until I return to United State. So, I tried to log in to at&t website, but the site said "You don't have permission to access "" on this server." and I cannot access to anything about my account including log in. Also, as I said at first, I made a payment with $35 plan, but I checked that $46 was taken from my account every month. Please let me know why I cannot log in to at&t website and how to stop the plan, and why the money I didn't approve kept taken out and please refund it.

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4 years ago

You can’t login to your account because account access is blocked from most locations abroad. I don’t think you have the unlimited starter plan, it is $65/month for one line. If you actually do have that plan, you can’t stop the plan until you return. I suspect you have a prepaid plan on autopay. To stop autopay, your only options if you can’t access your account are to call or cancel the card used for autopay. ATT does not generally refund but the only way to get one is to call. If you call, call the international support number but be aware hold times are excessive.

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