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Sunday, April 23rd, 2023 7:49 AM

Can't login to ATT account because verification numbers do not include mine! And I am the primary account holder!

I just purchased a new iphone at Best Buy and I cannot log into my ATT account. After I put in the username/password it prompts to select a phone number which to send a verification code to for authentication. However, it does NOT include MY number? I am the primary account holder. It offers options to send to my adult child's phone, my mother's phone, and other family members whom I do not live with but not my OWN phone? How am I supposed to verify it is me so I can acces my OWN account, if my account verification does not include MY phone number?

In reading other comments about this, it says that when you buy a new phone this may be something that they do as a security measure??? What kind of security measure is it to prevent a person who purchased a new phone for the ATT plan from accessing their account? 

ATT this "security" measure is basically LUNACY. If you are trying to get account holders to change carriers, good job. Fix it please ASAP. This was either a very bad idea by someone in management or a bug that really really needs to be addressed. I cannot access my own account, and I will be traveling soon and require access ASAP. Thank you.

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1 year ago

Yeah it's crazier than you think.  

The new phone is locked out from the account for I believe 30 days, as a security measure in case you are not who you say you are. And yet supposedly AT&T made sure that you are who you say you are when you bought your new phone.  

None of the US service providers are able to truly lock up your account in such a way that no one else can get into it. That's shocking, sobering, and very disturbing. Hackers will use the ability to access accounts through your email or directly through the carrier order a new phone, steal your phone number and then login and order more phones and tablets and have shipped to a different address.  

Carriers lose thousands of phones a month to this sort of fraud. But aside from the minor inconvenience it causes the carrier and the financial loss, it's a HUGE problem for us as consumers.

T-Mobile practically gives away its users data. I thought Verizon might be a bit more secure because the two-factor authentication code only goes to the account owner's phone. But if that's the phone that's stolen or lost or compromised you're up the creek.  

The result for us consumers is accounts that are billed for thousands of dollars in merchandise that we don't own, new phone lines and tablet lines added. Frequently meaning the bill is hundreds more than it's supposed to be and the service provider expects us customers to pay even though it's wrong. Even though they can see it's fraud, and that their customer is not responsible, and that they somehow allowed someone else access to our account.

In the end they are holding us responsible for the security on an account that lacks proper security and is a target/beacon to those whose only purpose is to create chaos for others.  

So yeah it stinks. But if it works I would be all for it.   

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