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Wednesday, July 18th, 2018 3:48 AM

Why does Att continue to restrict access

Ok att. I don't even knew where to start. 

1) I've been a customer for over 14 yrs. Still I must pay through the nose because I don't have a family of 4 .If did choose too overpopulate the world will cell phone users  all four of us could be on unlimited for the price I pay for just my phone and tablet? REALLY?


2) THERE IS NO INTERNET WHERE I LIVE. I CAN ONLY GET SIGNAL from AT&T -just barely.  If I put my phone on the roof  I have god signal..and I can hotspot to my tablet Inside the house 


So ive been waiting for Att fixed wireless to show up..

At this point fixed wireless is now available ALL AROUND ME...but NOT at my house....


So out of patience I have out my tablet on an unlimted data thinking ill put the tablet on the roof and use my tiny phone for internet...but no...I can't hotspot at all now from the tablet...


I use very little data as it is but why can't you decide on no hotspot based WHERE it is being used?  I mean how is it ok to restrict access to the internet to an area over and over...through abitrary rules...skipping over a community when expanding fixed wireless...nit expanding dsl -you centuylink, and everyone else just keeps ignoring this area...DID SOMEONE NEAR MY HOME KILL YOUR PUPPY OR SOMETHING. 


OVER AND OVER very large chunks of money have been given to Att and century link  to connect this area..and nothing EVER HAPPENS. 


YOUR recent deal allowed you to merge companies for servicing areas just like mine with FIXED WIRELESS.  20 miles in any direction I could have Fixed wireless ? Why have you skipped over us AGAIN. 




IT seems only fair extend this perk to areas with NO OTHER MEANS OF ACCESS...NOT ALL AREAS OF ACCESS ARE EQUAL ! You control that modify your rules to allow us to use what we pay for ....over 14 yrs I alone  have paid you over $16,000 alot if my neighbours also have att...because it is all we get...even though the service is spot and drops...All I want is to be able to use what I pay for from my home...FIGURE IT OUT...put up more towers...bring fixed wireless...let the area use hotspots to overcone our issues...SOMETHING!  We are only 4 miles from I-10  what is the problem if you need land for a tower I got some. Do what you promised when you got your deal and connect RURAL AREAS! 

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6 years ago

There is more than one unlimited plan, the cheaper one does not allow hotspot use.

The existing unlimited plans allow phones and tablets to have unlimited data and up to 15 gigs of hotspot use per device.  

 Had you been paying attention to the offers, ATT did allow a mobile hotspot, with unrestricted unlimited data on the plan introduced in February 2017.  That plan no longer allows the addition of a hotspot and the plan is grandfathered and no longer offered.  You had a window, unfortunately it’s now closed.


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