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Fri, Mar 20, 2015 7:17 PM

Why am I not getting all the group messages sent to me and why is this just now happening?

I have an HTC one m8 running the most recent android os. My group messages

were working for about 5 months then in the last 3-4 weeks sometime, I have been

losing messages. I usually get a message saying unable to retrieve MMS check APN

settings in trextra. In Hangouts I would get a multimedia download that would

never download. I get some of the group messages but not all. I am using textra

but have tried 2 other text apps. I have mobile data on. I have confirmed the

most recent APN settings and have tried to put in the most recent APN manually.

I have cleared cache and exhausted nearly every fix I could find. I have also

confirmed that the problem is not only from iPhone users but others as well. The problem is consistent in all locations. Please help before I hard reset my phone...



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6 years ago

I have the same problem with hangouts and in the google product forums I have not found a fix. Some people have stated that a new sim has fixed your issue, some have said makes no difference. If you have switched from Iphone make sure you have signed out of all Imessage accounts. (not sure this is relevant as you said it was working fine) Seems to be happening on a wide range of handsets and carriers so not sure a factory reset will help. Seems to be happening more on lolipop than kit kat from what I have found. (was the phone updated around the time it stopped working?) You may have tried some of these things or all of them, as you just stated you tried every fix you could find I didn't know what exactly you tried.



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6 years ago

Thanks for the response. I'll look into other things based on your comment.


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