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Fri, Jan 17, 2020 2:52 PM

What happened to our cellphone reception?

I have lived in my home for 22 years and was an ATT customer that entire time until April of 2019. I always had perfect cellphone reception and could use my cellphone in any room of my home with no problems. Then in Febuary of 2019 out of nowhere I started having problems.

I frequently had no service at all inside my house and had to start going outside to just make a call. After months of asking ATT for help and getting nowhere I switched to Verizon. I had the same exact problem with them so switched to Consumer Cellular to get a cheaper plan and although its way better than Verizon, I am still having to go outside to make phone calls.

My neighborhodd has not grow very much in 22 years. Sure, a few houses have been built but nothing major that would reduce the reception in my area. My neighbors have all had the same problem and all of them had to purchase a cellphone signal booster just to be able to make calls inside their homes. They are all either Verizon or ATT customers and have the exact same issueas me no matter which provider they use.

Just today I was scrolling facebook and came across a city facebook group post from a lady who asks if anybody else was having celphone reception issues. She lives over 15 miles from me on the other side of town and her story was identical to mine. I was blown away by how others in my town and then surrounding towns and then counties throughout the entire state began to comment that they too have had the same issues which seemed to begin about a year ago and they all had to purchase a cellphone signal booster just to make calls inside their homes because their reception had got so bad.

Signal boosters are expensive and I can not afford one. I also don't think it's fair to have to purchase a booster when I pay for a cellphone that should work without one and did work for years until last winter when apparently something happend to change that, not just in my neighborhood but the entire state! I tried to get att to provide one to me for free before I switched since I had been a very loyal customer for over 20 years and their service was suddenly not working properly but they refused. If I am paying for a service that won't work suddenly then it should be the company's responsibilty to make sure it does at any cost and giving me a booster would have kept me a loyal customer but I guess ATT does'nt care about loyal customers.

My question now is what happend last year to ruin everyone's cellphone reception? You can scroll these forums and see the issue is not only happening in the state of TN but all over the country! People have lost reception suddenly starting around a year ago. WHY????? Can anyboe give a truthful answer?



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10 months ago

No one here can answer your question as to what happened to ruin reception or coverage. How old are your phones? Once possibility is they are old and no longer support all of the newer band of frequencies being used by the carriers as they shut down their old 3G networks and implement the newer 5G networks.

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We have brand new smartphones and upgrade our phones every 3 years.It can't be that. It has to be a network issue since over 300 others who commented on the facebook post in my town are having the exact same issue.

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