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Sunday, February 22nd, 2015 5:55 PM

Shipping to Germany?

Hello community,


I am from Germany and I am going to study in Santa Barbara in the upcoming semester. For that I need an American mobile number and I would like to have an at&t prepaid card.

I already have a smartphone, so only need a sim card.

I would like to have the for 45$ with flatrate calling and 1,5 gb mobile internet.

I would like to get the card before I will arrive in the US because then I will need a phone and internet immediatly for navigation etc.

Can you tell me if at&t shipps sim cards to Germany and if not:

Do you have an idea to handle that problem?


Regards from Germany,



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9 years ago

no you will have to purchase it when you land.  Airports sell prepaid cards and phones these days

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