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Saturday, July 2nd, 2022 10:14 PM

Service NOT working even with multiple bars of LTE

I live in a more rural area, and the only service that has worked out here is At&t, so I left Verizon to have cell service but over the last year service has been very slow through AT&T. In the last few days service has slowed down even more or completely stopped working - even to send a text. This is happening while my phone (and many others in my neighborhood) have multiple bars of LTE still. It is almost as if near by cell sites or routers know there is service, but isn’t computing that with our devices. 

Wish AT&T had a place to call to get someone out to my area to check the service outage that is happening without their knowledge of it/when I checked the website said there is no outage - which is wrong. 

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2 years ago

Hello @mwheels26, we're happy to help with troubleshooting steps to resolve your service concerns. 


Rural areas tend to have weaker signals. One of the reasons, the distance you are from the towers. This means your home may get a weaker signal compared to the center of town. The reason, the tower may be optimized for town center since more people tend to be there. 


Normally, the signal is not an issue in rural areas. But when it is, a key factor to think about is the terrain. If you are in a hilly or mountainous area, you may experience a weak signal, the reason, the signal is being blocked not only by the land, but whatever ground elements are there. You factor in building construction, especially those will metal roofs, you can understand why the signal may be weak. 


Dead-zones are caused by the environment of your surroundings. Unfortunately dead-zones, in homes or offices, are beyond AT&T's control. To help resolve your service experience we do offer a few troubleshooting steps to help keep you connected to the Network. 

  • Sign in to AT&T's outage site or enter your address to check for an outages, the AT&T outage system is updated as quicly as possible once a outage is reported. 
  • If the above did not help or explain the loss of service, check to see if your area has towers or coverage in your area. 
  • Replacing the SIM or resetting the network is the common solution to service disruptions. Go to settings>Connections>Network>reset
  • Check to make sure that you have a compatible device that will work on our Network after the 3G shutdown.  dead-zone and caused by the environment of your surroundings. Unfortunately dead-zones, in homes or offices, are beyond AT&T's control.
  • Your phone will work if the HD Voice feature is turned on. If you can’t make or receive calls, or you’re having trouble accessing data, check the VoLTE or LTE status of your phone. 
  • AT&T may temporarily slow speeds if the network is busy. This means during peak times, you may see slower speeds. We do this to make sure everyone has the best experience possible. 

Troubleshoot your device if you have completed the steps above and have confirmed the settings on your device. Sign in for personalized solutions and choose the Make and Model of your device, then connectivity and follow the prompts. Let us know if you have any questions. Thank you for contacting AT&T Community Forums. 


Alasani, AT&T Community Specialist 

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2 years ago

Not sure if the OP is in my area, but myself, along with my neighbors are having this same issue. LTE data quit working about four or so months ago. We were given new SIM cards but that didn’t work. Voice seems to work as it should. They now tell us it is due to shutting down 3G. But why would voice capability still work and not data? So now the only way for my to somewhat use my devices, is to drive seven miles down the road where there is 5G, sit in my truck and update, or download things I need. I have Wi-Fi but it is primarily used for DIRECTV and my Ring Doorbells. It is satellite internet and only have 20GB of data per month. I’m just at a loss. Paying a premium for a service I can no longer use in my home. And terrain is not the issue. Before, it was working just fine, then went to only working late at night/early morning, to now, LTE data not working at all. Other option is to buy a $300-$400 cell booster that may or may not work. By the way, my devices are as follows, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPad Pro 12.9 (5th Gen), Apple Watch Series 7 and 4G LTE connected vehicle. 

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