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Sun, Oct 18, 2020 12:46 AM

Reduction of cell signal.

I used to have 4 bars of signal while on my couch at home. This has dropped to only 1 bar now. I discussed this at my local AT&T store who suggested I am being throttled due to too many people using the system. We upgraded my account to eliminate this. I still only get 1 bar (sometimes none). I have iphone7+. It seems like when 5g was implemented, 4g was reduced. I’m very frustrated as I have been an AT&T customer over 30 years. Other companies are making offers if you move your service you get a free phone. Yet there are no comparable offers for loyal customers to stay. What can I do to improve my current situation?



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a month ago

Signal reduced from four bars to one bar is not throttling, it is also has nothing to do with how many people are using the tower. A reduced signal means either a tower near you shut down or your phone is relying on 3-g service with no longer exists. Your options are to use home internet/ Wi-Fi/ wifi calling - if you have it. Or shop for a new carrier.   

     Replacing your phone will do absolutely nothing for signal. Your phone is capable of working off LTE only. But LTE is a shorter range frequency then 3-g. All carriers are shutting down their 3-g service, relying strictly on LTE and 5g.   If 3 G has already shut down in your area that would be the cause of your poor signal. 

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a month ago

Greetings @B06rsw,


We hate to hear that your cell signal has been reduced to what you were already accustomed to. We'd appreciate your loyalty with us for over 3 decades.


Allow us to take a closer look into this for you but, before we do we'd like to ask some questions.

  • What is the current Plan that you're on? 
  • When you mentioned, "We upgraded my account to eliminate this" What exactly are you referring too? 
  • Is the signal only bad when you're at home on the couch? Or is it when you're out and about? 

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