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Wednesday, August 1st, 2018 1:00 PM

No resolution after using the Mark The Spot application to report a coverage problem multiple times.

I've "marked the spot" in two different areas where coverage is basically non-existent multiple times, have received notifications/responses stating "Thank you for your Mark the Spot "Dropped Call" submission on xx/yy/zz @aa:bb am/pm. We are currently experiencing a technical issue in this area and are working hard to resolve it. We apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you. AT&T" for more than 3 years now. Three years is (in my humble opinion) a bit long to wait for a technical issue to be resolved in any area, much less one where two major thoroughfares intersect and coverage is non-existent. I'd expect someone would look into a new tower, augmenting an existing tower, or placing some kind of temporary signal boosting or other equipment in areas such as these.


Is there a way to discuss this with someone on the engineering or technical service side to perhaps get some insight into why this isn't being remedied? I understand right-of-way difficulties in putting up towers, so if that's the explanation, I'd prefer someone just "give it to me straight" rather than continue getting the same status message with no resolution.


Thank you!

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6 years ago

You can mark the spot for 3 years, but unless others do, ATT has no reason to improve coverage.  


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6 years ago

All of those potential remedies can literally take years to implement. Unfortunately, ATT does not share or publicize their network upgrade plans. I’m sure there is someone that could give it to you straight but I have no idea how to find or reach that person. Customer support won’t know.

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