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Thursday, January 19th, 2023 2:01 PM

iphone 14 is rolling directly to voicemail

My Dual Sim Iphone 14 ATT service is rolling directly to voicemail.  My Comcast Service is working perfectly.

Symptoms:  No ring tone and flash of a name on phone then it rolls directly to voicemail for both known and unknown callers

Tests/Actions Taken:

- Confirmed newest IOS is on phone

- Confirmed not in DND mode

- Confirmed phone settings for focus allows all calls to come through

- Cycled phone on and off


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8 months ago,also%20support%20two%20active%20eSIMs.

You probably have your Comcast number set as default which means all of the calls from the other will go to voicemail. This article tells you how to allow automatic switching so that both calls will come through

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