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Sunday, January 22nd, 2023 3:02 PM

I have full bars, and 5g data, but randomly a little x appears over my service and I can't connect.

So, I have a Motorola 5G Ace. For the past month or more, my service just randomly cuts out. On a few occasions, my service is fine, but my data becomes grayed out and won't work. Recently it's also been switching randomly back and forth from 4g and 5g a lot. Especially right before the x appears(As in, it'll start off 5g, switch to 4g for a few seconds to a few minutes, back to 5g, or vice versa and an x will appear).

It'll show I have full bars (or close to it as seen in the screenshot) but an x will appear out of nowhere. Restarting my phone fixes the problem— for about 2-5 minutes. If I wait for it to come back on its own, it can take anywhere from about 3 minutes upwards to 10 minutes to receive service again.

There's a tower not far from me, and the map says my area is covered. (Mind you, I've not moved and I used to have excellent service here about a year ago). I'm also next to a window and haven't had problems in my bedroom prior to all this.

The service thing started only about a month ago or two, but my data has been much slower than usual for several months now. Before, even when not using highspeed, I'd be able to load games or steam on low quality. Not anymore. Even on highspeed, things don't always load quickly or reliably.

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1 year ago

This happens now that 5G is turned on. Phone can't figure out which network to connect to. Usually turning on airplane mode for about 10 seconds and then turning it back off again will reconnect with 4G LTE service. 

Theoretically 5G is a better network, but it's not widespread. You're probably in a fringe area, where LTE is good, 5G is not. Just happened to me on Thursday in a neighboring town I had no service. I actually had the little circle with the cross through it and my phone said emergency calls only. I select airplane mode on, then off again and it reconnected.  FYI, Verizon customer.  It's the same with all service providers right now.  When it's good it's great.

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