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Tue, Sep 16, 2014 4:21 PM

Dubois PA LTE Issues

I am having issues with my iphone dropping coverage and going to "no signal".  It happens over and over.  I am dropping calls like crazy.  Is this a known issue with LTE coming to this area??  I called Apple and they say it isnt the phone.




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6 years ago

I don't have concrete evidence to prove my claim, but based on what you are experiencing, my guess is that AT&T is still tweaking the LTE network around DuBois. It hasn't been officially announced by AT&T that LTE has been activated throughout your area, so I'd imagine as time presses on (next few months), the LTE network will gain reliability and more coverage. Maybe you can temporarily turn off LTE so you can lock your phone onto the 4G HSPA+ network...or reset your network settings? Hope this helps.

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