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Wed, Apr 5, 2017 12:48 AM

Dismal coverage in my neighborhood -- local AT&T staff knows it -- but it's a reason for more $$$$$?

I have had long-standing problems with coverage in my house, neighborhood and even the surrounding area. In the house, I'm lucky to get one bar. I may get two bars if I'm in an upstairs bedroom, by the window, facing west. I have a lot of difficulty making calls, and fully 80 percent of incoming calls do not ring in. And forget data -- in the house, I have to rely on Wifi.

I was subscribed to a very low-end, voice-only plan until recently because I could only rely on the phone when I was out on the road. But I had to upgrade to a more robust (and expensive) voice and data plan because of work. And now I'm paying a lot more money for a service that I _still_ cannot use at home.

I spent close to an hour on the phone with Support earlier this afternoon. Tests were run; settings were set and reset. The support rep acknowledged that I was getting practically no signal, and told me that I was "far from the cell tower." He told me I had to go to my local AT&T Store and they would provide me with a signal booster that would help resolve the problem. So off I went.


At the AT&T Store, I explained the situation to the rep. He told me that it was a common problem in the area, and rattled off just about every development down here as examples of where people have problems with low signal strength.


The rep then pulled out a Microcell device, told me that this would solve the problem -- and then wanted to charge me $161 for it.


I live in a residential development surrounded by other residential developments, practically all of which this rep mentioned. The population in this ZIP Code alone is over 52,000. So why isn't there a closer tower to us? And why do so many people have so many problems with coverage down here?


According to AT&T's coverage maps, this entire area is solidly covered for both voice and data. And yet the reps at AT&T's local outlet freely admit that customers all over this area have problems connecting to the AT&T network that are so severe that they require the installation of additional hardware in their houses. And if this isn't bad enough, AT&T then wants to hit customers with a $161 surcharge for the privilege?


This is not an acceptable solution. I do not intend to pay AT&T for a service that AT&T is incapable of providing -- and even less if it requires me to shell out an additional $161 to make up for their coverage problems (to say nothing of also having to use my Internet connection -- for which I am paying separately -- to route cell phone calls). I do not live out in the middle of nowhere with no neighbors for miles around -- I live in the most populated area of Florida.

What's the point of paying for a cell phone plan if it cannot be used? Why has this problem existed down here all this time, with apparently no resolution other than to make additional money selling signal boosters?

And what is AT&T going to do to rectify this particular situation?





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Hello @celavin!


Thank you for brining your concern to us. I can totally undertsand how important it is to have reliable service at home. I do apologize for the inconvenience this situation has caused you. It will be my pleasure to provide you my assistance!


We are constantly monitoring this type of feedbacks to ensure we address any concerns and deliver the best possible wireless service experience. I would love to personally help you, and explore options to find the best resolution. In order to accomplish this, I will be sending you a private message to gather details. Please be on the lookout in your Forum’s Inbox, and reply with the information requested.


 I am looking forward to continue working with you and getting this matter taken care of.


Best regards!


Anabel, AT&T Community Specialist

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