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Check for service outages
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Thursday, February 9th, 2023 8:22 PM

Dead Zone - Pearland, TX 77584

As soon as I step away from my front door, to my driveway to be exact my cell coverage takes over and goes dead. My neighbor has the same issue and he is with AT&T also. If I drive to my son's school less than two miles away I still have no coverage. It doesn't start responding until maybe three miles away east of my house. However my mom is on TMobile and Sister is on Verizon and have no problems around my house. 

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10 months ago

Well I guess you know which carriers you need to switch to then.

If your expectation is for AT&T to fix the problem, that could take a decade. If you are a new customer you have 14 days to return any phones, and then Port yourself to a different service provider. If you are past the 14 days you will have to pay off phones, unlock them, and then switch service providers. Either Verizon or T-Mobile may offer some sort of switch offer

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