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Saturday, March 21st, 2020 7:50 PM

Covid-19 question pertaining to Wireless Home Internet

In one of ATT'S announcements to provide further relief and support during the Covid-19 response stated that "All AT&T consumer home internet wireline customers, as well as Fixed Wireless Internet, can use unlimited internet data."

Is this extended to those with the ATT-Wireless Home Internet? (the wireless home phone and internet which is cellular based and not part of the Rural Fixed Wireless internet)

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4 years ago

Hi, know understand the importance of keeping you connected. During #COVID19 we are waiving internet data overage for the customers who do not have unlimited home internet access. For more information you can visit

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@ATTHelp Hi, we have an AT&T hotspot. Today we got a warning message that we were in the top 95% of data used. Our speeds have dropped to 3mbps from 40mbps. At the same time our phones are still getting 40-50mbps.

What should we do? This is super inconvenient as we try and work from home and many devices can't be tethered to our phones.

Thank you.

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