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Wednesday, September 20th, 2023 10:34 PM

Cell phone coverage!

TO THE GUY THAT COMMENTED   my little galaxy  22 doesnt come equipped with a sim card slots nor can I use the tower to roam  so go figure genus every other country cell phone companies give u options for roaming homie. So many more choice words 4 you but i will hold off ..How funny I can't call out but I can receive a voicemail message that my cellphone past due but yet  I can't make a simple phone call to the USA to pay my Harley payment ? O by the way I'm in 7 thousand miles away near Africa 🌍 . There no way we talk 2 astronauts on the moon ATT your hot garabage!! So disgusted an this Phone dam near on fire 🔥 

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9 months ago

Why can’t you make a call?  What happens when you try?  If you’re in Africa, you obviously aren’t connected to AT&T’s network.  You're roaming internationally and connecting to an African carrier.  How is AT&T to blame for you not being able to call from Africa?

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9 months ago

 I fully understand communication my rant is how can my voice mail and texts work over the network its 2am here to notify me my bills is past due when clearly I could not use international roaming towers but don’t have access (think about it ))) to coverage like come on my guy.. do understand? when I'm not in the USA . I haven't used this cell service in over a month to call my family back home let alone bills i need paid so thanks 4 your 2 cents ! ✅️  

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9 months ago

No one has any idea what your problem is and there's certainly not going to figure it out from these two ridiculous rants.

The most likely reason you don't have cell service is your bill is so far overdue that your service was suspended. You're still going to get billed even though your service is suspended and AT&T is absolutely going to send you a free AT&T message to let you know that your bill is overdue

Probably should have put it on auto pay before you left USA.

If it's not paid in 60 days, AT&T will close your account and send the entire thing to collections

Then the bad debt will haunt you for a decade. It'll be a hassle to get a loan, credit card, rent, and forget a mortgage. People figure if you can't manage to pay your cell phone bill you sure as heck not going to pay for a bigger bill for a car or a house

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9 months ago

Let's calm down, everyone.  It looks like there are three issues; first, the OP can't make calls from wherever he is (outside the US), second, it looks like his mobile phone bill is overdue, and third he can't locate the slot on the Galaxy 22 for a SIM card.

Let's deal with the last one first.  There certainly is a slot on your phone for the SIM card; it's in a small tray, at the bottom left of the device. You'll need a sim ejector pin to open it; you poke the pin into the small hole on the tray and it will come out. You put the sim card in that tray. From what you said, there's already a sim card in the phone - the AT&T one.

Secondly, like most US phone companies, AT&T will sell you an option to turn on international roaming (IR) for times when you're outside the US.  Most companies charge a lot for IR, especially since most of them only give you the chance to use the data already included in your plan for the $10 or $15 a day that they charge; they mostly don't give you any more data.  But IR is the only way you'll be able to use your US-based phone while you're outside the country. I have the same issue myself; I have a US-based phone with a Verizon account, but we live in Canada and the only way I can get to use my minutes or data, for which I already pay a monthly fee, is to add on another option costing me $15 per day, so basically I don't use that phone here.

What I do, and what I would recommend that you do, is to buy a local sim card from a company where you are, for as little money as you can find one, to give you the service you want.  However, this will only work if your phone is unlocked; if you bought the phone through AT&T (a terrible idea but one which many peope do and the phone companies love because it nets them a ton of money) you may find that it is locked and won't allow you to use a non-AT&T sim card.  If you've had the phone for a while you may be able to get it unlocked by calling their customer service (which you may be able to do anyway, even without mobile paid service; try calling 611).

And the third problem can be easily solved by paying your mobile phone bill.  Ignore the Harley, the phone is more important right now!

Good luck,


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9 months ago


An S22 purchased from AT&T is  carrier locked until it's paid off and unlocked.  

(Att can call, text, in and between Canada and Mexico, and roam for free unlimited in Canada and Mexico on all but the cheapest plans - unlike Verizon, which charges extra.)

AT&T has a similar travel pass as Verizon, at a flat $10 per day fee (only it's capped at $100 a bill)

If the original poster is a prepaid customer there is no roaming option in Africa. And I have no idea how one is *near* Africa but not in a country, or in Africa,  unless he's on a ship or a boat offshore.  (You managed to figure out his gibberish maybe you can figure out his geography as well)

If he is actually *in* Africa, not all African countries have good cell service. Zimbabwe is mostly 2G and 3G and very poor at that. Many areas indicate messages only,  no voice or data.  

800 numbers and short numbers like 611 do not work when you are roaming.  

The original poster created a circular problem when he did not put his bills on autopay.  Poor planning when you are going to be out of touch in a third world country.  I'm sure he would have paid his bill but he can't use his phone to do so because he didn't pay his bill 🚫

It is possible that he refused international day pass, and caused his phone to run up astronomical pay per use charges which are the same on AT&T as they are on Verizon ($2.05 per megabyte). This would cause AT&T to suspend his service, especially if his bill is over due.

 OP has managed to learn how to use the internet, but not punctuation, sentence structure, or use the English language well enough to describe his problem to help himself.  Just an irrational rant And possibly have fed a perfectly good S22 to a campfire because he doesn't know what he's doing. 

Unfortunately he's not the only summer traveler who didn't plan. 

As usual they expect a lack of planning on their part, to be an emergency on everyone else's part

Can't wait for his follow up post when he gets back to the United States. It's either going to be a rant about how AT&T has no service in Zimbabwe, or about a $2,000 cell phone bill and a suspended account

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9 months ago

Hello @Sroemer01, we understand how important is to stay connected.

As ACE's mentioned, since you're not in US you cannot make any calls.  Please connect to our  internatinal customer support team at +1.314. 925.6925 anytime.

We hope this helps! 

Thank you,

Susan, AT&T Community Specialist 

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