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Saturday, February 11th, 2023 2:32 AM

Can I add a canadian carrier to esim on my At&t locked Samsung fold 4 phone?

I have an At&t contract phone but I'm in Canada most of the time and I'm wondering if I can add a Canadian carrier to the eSim on my phone to get a phone number local to Canada?  I see at&t uses Canadian carriers when it is roaming when I'm here. Any help would be appreciated. 

ACE - Sage


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10 months ago

You answered your own question. The phone is locked to AT&t because it's not paid off. Because it is Carrier locked it will not accept another sim card. On either the physical or the SIM.

You would have to pay it off in order to unlock it. If you participated in a promotion to purchase the phone, you may compromise your promotion and lose future Bill credit by paying off and unlocking the phone

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