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Wed, Mar 28, 2018 1:05 AM

AT&T PREPAID vs Postpaid coverage

I've read such conflicting comments regarding coverage comparison between prepaid and postpaid plans. 


If the coverage is really the same then why don't all postpaid customers switch to prepaid unless they just don't want to pay for the phone upfront?


Are there roaming fees with prepaid and does the prepaid plan allow you to access towers besides AT&T?


Is the data speed relatively the same?


Does AT&T give it's postpaid customers first priority and if so does this have a significant impact on the quality of prepaid service?


Are there many dropped calls with prepaid?


If you do try prepaid and find you don't have good coverage with it is it easy to switch back to postpaid? 


I'm concerned because the fine print states that once you activate a prepaid phone you can only use it with prepaid plans so how would I be able to switch back to postpaid if I had to?


Because of this caveat is it better to purchase my own unlocked phone through ebay and use it?








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6 months ago

I just got back from an extended road trip through the southwestern US.  Believe me, AT&T's coverage maps are a big joke if you're using prepaid. I spent time in Williams, AZ, Pinetop, AZ, Taos, NM, Fairpaly, CO, Durango, Co, and Sante Fe NM.  AT&T showed coverage in all these areas except Pinetop.  I could NOT use data in ANY of them.  My phone usually showed three bars usually, and I could make phone calls in Sante Fe, but that's it.  If you are off the interstate or not in a medium plus sized city, in the US west, AT&T is using partner towers.  And prepaid customers do NOT have access to partner towers generally. In Pinetop, I bought a prepaid Verizon sim from Straight Talk and could connect for data and voice in all the places above. I've certainly decided to switch to Verizon.