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Thursday, September 1st, 2022 2:07 PM

ActiveArmor VPN prevents call transfer from Wifi Calling to Cellular Tower

With AT&T ActiveArmor VPN active (listed as "Network" - "Safe Browsing" on the iOS app), calls cannot transfer from AT&T Wi-Fi calling to the cellular network and the device takes 60-120 seconds to be able to connect to a cellular tower for any purpose after leaving a wifi connection. All calls during this time, including attempted transfers and 911 calls are listed as "Call Failed". Through advanced troubleshooting, disabling the "Safe Browsing" (VPN) feature stops the tower transfer issue, but introduces a different sort of safety exposure.

Can this incompatibility between AT&T services please be rectified quickly?

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1 year ago

Hi DLieber, let's get you pointed in the right direction to get your calls transferred from Wi-Fi Calling to the cellular network with the ActiveArmor app.


First make sure that the AT&T ActiveArmor app is updated properly. You can file an online ticket with App Support for all errors provided by the AT&T ActiveArmor application.


Let us know if this information helps, and thank you for connecting with the AT&T Community Forums!


Jeff, AT&T Community Specialist

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