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Mon, Dec 28, 2020 8:19 PM

A BIG corporation with no contingency plan

In wake of Nashville bombing right in front of AT&T (batman) building triggered outages in Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, Alabama, Georgia, Illinois, and Missouri for days now. 

How come a big cellular provider, maybe America's biggest doesn't have a contingency plan in case of natural or human catastrophe. Their claims to be the best seems hollow.




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what are you talking about? this press release was issued this morning

Monday, December 28, 2020, 8:30 a.m. CST

The majority of services have been restored in Nashville following Friday’s explosion. Our mobility network is now operating normally, nearly all home internet and video customers have been restored and our business customers are coming back online.  As a reminder, we are waiving data overage charges for customers in 1166 zip codes across states like Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, Alabama, Georgia, Illinois and Missouri from December 27 to December 31.

As of late Sunday evening, adequate power is available on most floors of the building.  We continue to manage power needs to prevent overloading the generators supporting our equipment. Our teams have been closely monitoring temperatures in the building as well to keep equipment running. Plans are being developed today to begin restoring commercial power on some floors.

Recovery work will continue today as we address the few remaining services and customers that still may be impacted by this event.  Twenty-three of our disaster recovery technology and support trailers arrived in Nashville yesterday.  This equipment will be critical as we maintain service and make repairs in the days ahead.

We still have 11 portable cell sites running in the region to support customers and first responders.  We have begun to turn down portable sites that are no longer needed given the recovery of service, but we will have resources standing by in the region as needed.

We'll continue to provide additional updates here as our recovery progresses.

Given its importance to customers and first responders, we prioritized restoration of wireless service. As of now, 96% of our wireless network is restored, 60% of our business services are restored, and 86% of our consumer broadband and entertainment services are restored. It is our goal to restore all service late today.

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Nice to hear from an Employee :) And yes services were restored this morning which is 3 days after the incident. Not sure if you have any technical knowledge on how cellular signals can be rerouted from a remote server in case of network outage, whether it's caused by equipment failure, an unexpected cyberattack, or some form of human error.

Technical term for this is Network Redundancy, implemented basically in two ways - Fault Tolerance and High Availability. A fault-tolerant redundant system provides full hardware redundancy, mirroring applications across two or more identical systems that run in tandem. Should anything go wrong with the primary system, the mirrored backup system will take over. Whereas, high availabilty is a software based approach, it uses clusters of servers that monitor one another and have failover protocols in place. If something goes wrong with one server, the backup servers take over and restart applications that were running on the failed server.

Well, you can get more details on this from AT&T's technical department.

So the point is 3 days of total downtime on cellular service failure in half a dozen states is expected from a small service provider in a third world country not having as advanced infrastructure as AT&T claims to have.

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