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Thu, Nov 12, 2020 5:55 AM

5G Roaming in Canada

I know it's been asked before, but now that Rogers is offering 5g and AT&T has a roaming agreement with them. Does anyone know if you have a 5G compatible device (like the newly released iPhone 12), if you’d be able to roam on Canadian 5G networks? 


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1 y ago

Hello @jade13cat,


Thank you for your inquiry.


If your in a area that support 5G coverage and have a 5G compatible device, you will be able to Roam.


Roaming charges will depend on your current international plan.


If you have any other questions or concerns in the future, feel free to reach back out as we are always here to help!


Also, you can contact our wireless support line at 800.331.0500.


Jonye, AT&T Community Specialist    

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10 m ago

@ATTHelp is wrong, I am currently in Canada for work and you do NOT roam on 5G. I have an iPhone 12 Pro...



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4 m ago

I am currently roaming in Montreal, attached to ROGERS LTE - even though the Rogers 5G coverage map says there should be 5G in this neighborhood. ATT tech support couldn’t answer the basic question, “Should I be able to roam on ROGER’s 5G?”

They did some sort of “check”; then I restarted my phone. Still just LTE.

(and yes, my phone is configured for 5G and can get 250Mbps when I’m home)

Suggestions or definitive info, anyone?

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1 m ago

Rogers finally gave the green light today for AT&T roamers from the US to use 5G in Canada that is now showing up on 5G phones on Rogers network in select Canadian markets 

 If you have a 5G compatible phone on ATT you should be able to see the Rogers 5G show up in large markets such as Toronto starting on 09/27/21

 If you don't see the 5G symbol reboot your phone and make sure that you have roaming mode turned on

although you can't force the phone to change canadian carriers while roaming

it is dependent on the Carrier

 For example:

Rogers and AT&T are roaming partners between Canada and US

 And Telus has a roaming partnership with T-Mobile and vice versa

 As Verizon has as well with Bell

theoretically it is possible to roam on Telus in Canada with ATT since T-Mobile and ATT use the same GSM based technology in the US on LTE and 5G with T-Mobile roaming mostly on Telus - this feature is automatic

there are some areas in the US where ATT does roam on T-Mobile's network and vice versa so it is possible in Canada too

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