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Mon, Oct 5, 2020 2:59 PM

The 13 Best Scary Movies for Kids Ages 7 to 12

Some people like to be scared. It's the reason why horror movies have been so successful at the box office since the beginning of cinema. And it's not just adults who love them. Kids do too!


It can be hard for parents to find age-appropriate scary movies for their kids to watch. We're talking about kids who are no longer toddlers, but not yet teens. This age group can be tricky: the "scary" movies for little children are probably not scary enough, but the scary movies for teenagers are too intense.


So, if you have a youngster who likes nothing more than to be on the edge of his or her seat, here is a list of films that hit the sweet spot for kids roughly ages 7 to 12. Scary, but not too scary.

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