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Mon, Oct 5, 2020 2:57 PM

Scary Movies For A Cold Dark Night On HBO Max


The beauty of the horror genre is that “scary” is entirely subjective. Everyone has a different threshold for frights; what is supremely petrifying to some, is remarkably tame to others. For instance, some viewers find the over-the-top gore in slasher flicks to be the pinnacle of terror, whereas others aren’t bothered by blood, but are kept awake at night by supernatural trickery. That dynamic is precisely why horror films have thrived for so long, but it’s also why definitive lists of the genre’s “scariest” entries are incredibly tricky to compile.


That said, considering HBO Max currently offers such a wide array of terrifying films, a guide to the catalog’s scariest titles was in order. For this list, diversity is key: we find room for repulsive gore, paranormal exploits, psychological torture, and more.


These are the scariest films in the HBO Max library... 

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