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Thu, May 14, 2020 2:47 PM

How Party Streaming Can Let You Watch Movies With Your Friends, Even If You’re Miles Apart

We take for granted simple things like watching a movie with friends and family. But, when you're stuck inside, life can get a little lonely. Fortunately, party streaming can give you back a sense of normality that can be incredibly morale-boosting.

In the past, trying to watch a movie or TV show on a streaming service with someone in another location was a bit frustrating. You'd have to try and countdown and start the stream at the same time, and if anyone had to pause, everyone ended up out of sync.

With party streaming, you can stream with friends without all the issues discussed above. It's not entirely a replacement for watching your favorite shows and movies face-to-face, but it does help you stay close to friends and family during hard times.

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