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Wednesday, November 30th, 2022 8:53 AM

wow, help or a scolding...??? hmmm.......

first time in this forum- took less than 5 seconds before wanting to turn right back around and exit, but i just want to say this first... i thought this was supposed to be a supportive community or something... after reading 3 posts of people having difficulties, i would rather take my chances with speaking to an actual att employee because at least they pretend to be NICE. now that i have seen some of the "helpful support" in here- im good. some of the people responding in here are -0% helpful but 100+% rude. i mean if you have no way of changing your bad attitude, you would probably be better "help" by just keeping your mouth closed, just saying...

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1 year ago

Examples & links would be helpful.

This is a customer populated message board and NOT a way to communicate directly with AT&T.

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