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Friday, July 24th, 2020 7:41 PM

Why can't ten separate AT&T Employees successful port over a cricket phone? Why would AT&T sell a product that don't understand?

In the past three days I have been to two separate AT&T stores, spoken with six in-person employees and four online techs. None of which can even comprehend or provide an explanation for why my phone does not receive data or texting. The phone works fine when other AT&T sim cards are inserted. Several employees have actually blamed me for purchasing AT&T prepaid. I have been told AT&T prepaid is "self-serve" so they do not have the ability to access accounts to correct issues. Absolutely unacceptable and frankly criminal. Why did you sell me a broken product and why can't any of your techs resolve the issue. I believe the techs are doing the best they can and we have tried a variety of solutions but the product itself is flawed. The techs at AT&T are less like mechanics and more like expert car thieves attempting to hotwire the poorly engineered car AT&T has sold me. The costumer service online has been absolutely abysmal. Comically so. I have spoken with robots for hours now just to get the chance to speak with a real person who is basically throwing every solution they can to make me go away (the cell towers in my area need repair and I should wait days [already three days without service]?! I am in an AT&T store with +20 phones working fine so I doubt it). When they can't help me I get sent to another robot instead of directly transferred to a human so I can answer the same series of questions again and again. If that doesn't happen I'm told to go back to the store again. At the store I am told to call them. I have even had the store employees talk to online tech support and they just frustrate and confuse each other without solving my problem. Just to reaffirm my main point for anyone attempting to use AT&T prepaid (or AT&T in general), take it from the AT&T employees: IF AT&T PREPAID DOESN'T WORK IT IS YOUR FAULT FOR PURCHASING IT.

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4 years ago

Hi @BobBoberson,



Thank you for reaching out. We are interested in finding solutions for your AT&T prepaid device.


In order to best assist, we want to know;

  • What specific device are you having the connection error with
  • What specific error is occurring
  • How long have you had the device
  • What AT&T prepaid plan are you on

Also, we'd like to know your zip code location so we can investigate.


Hope to hear from you soon.


Doyin, AT&T Community Specialist.

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4 years ago

- OnePlus 5

- No access to data or texting

- Two years

- 8G prepaid (added as a multi-line)

Zipcode: 92108

AT&T employees put their sim cards into the phone and it worked flawlessly so there shouldn't be an issue with the phone.


We went to T-Mobile with the phone and they were able to activate a new sim card that works with the phone without issue. Unfortunately because AT&T couldn't get texting to work we couldn't generate a pin code for the new account (requires texting). This meant that the phone number was trapped with AT&T and none of the employees were able to set a new pin. Apparently prepaid is "self-serve" so AT&T can't access accounts and we weren't able to without a pin number which we couldn't get a pin (catch 22). Luckily, by activating a new sim card with T-Mobile is somehow fixed the issue with AT&T and texting worked so we code finally access the account. None of the AT&T employees could provide an explanation for how this happened but said they would reimburse my account for the activation ($15) and month of prepaid ($40). Although this doesn't cover the cost of hours (+8) of talking to techs or the gas driving to stores it was a nice jester. However, it's been a week and I have yet to see the money transferred to my account. With my current experience I wouldn't be surprised if it never shows up because apparently AT&T employees have little control over the products they sell.

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