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Sunday, August 6th, 2017 5:42 PM

Unlock my paid off iPhone!


I was with AT&T Wireless for 15 years. I paid off my iPhone5s and my phone bill. Because of delays in moving to Europe I signed up with AT&T Prepaid for 2 months. Now I am in Europe and AT&T won't unlock my iPhone. they tell me "Unfortunately, your unlock request was denied because:Your device is currently active on another AT&T customer’s account." And what "account" is that. Why none other than the AT&T Prepaid account I used before moving over here.  This has been going on for 2 months and has caused MANY problems!!! I have called them and spent over 2 hours on three occasions at my expense to try and resolve this issue, to no avail.

Is this really true? Does AT&T Wireless on its right hand, not know what AT&T Prepaid on its left hand is doing? Is AT&T so bound up in it's legalese that it can't undo this?

[Per Guidelines:  Keep it Relevant and Appropriate]. And don’t think this has not caused needless waste of my time and money, and emotional trauma especially since my wife broke her hip over here—and your dumb contract really screwed us up!










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6 years ago

You must have put in your request as a non customer. Unfortunately, if you use your prepaid number on the request, it will probably be denied because you don't have 6 months of prepaid service. Once you put the prepaid SIM card into your phone, it activated the 6 month prepaid requirement even though it should not apply to your phone. You should be able to get an exception to the 6 month prepaid requirement. Send a private message to @ATTMobilityCare.

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