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Fri, Sep 16, 2016 2:08 PM

Switching to GoPhone Multi-Line acount

My wife and I both have separate GoPhone accounts with synced renewal dates.  We are both on the $45 plan. We are about 3 weeks from next 30-day renewal date.


I want to switch to the new GoPhone Multi-Line account, specifically bringing her GoPhone account over to mine, to save $5 per month on that 2nd account.


Yesterday, I went to corporate AT&T store and asked WHEN would be the best time to do this?  Now or within a day or two of the monthly renewal?  I'm afraid I will have to pay ANOTHER $45 when I import her acccount her to my account to make it a Multi-User account.  


The in-store rep was friendly but really could not answer my question.  Every time he tried to search for the answer on his AT&T slate, it gave him an error message saying he didn't have "permission for that channel" or something.  I had as much information as he did on my phone, by calling up AT&T public PR material.


Has anyone done this yet?   I'm not talking about creating a new account with a new phone number, but instead switching two or more current GoPhone accounts into one Multi-Line acocunt.


Current customers:
1. Choose a line to be the Account Owner.
2. Account Owner logs in to myAT&T.
3. Select Multi-Line Discount.
4. Follow the prompts to invite member lines.


So, I've done that.


Then, I see this:


IMPORTANT: Please read the important terms below before you enroll in a Multi-Line Account.

  • As the Account Owner, I am solely responsible for managing the Multi-Line Account (“Account”) and paying the monthly plan charges for all Account lines.
  • Upon adding a Member line, the Member’s renewal date will be aligned with my renewal date. Full monthly payment is due immediately to activate the Member’s service. A pro-rated credit will be issued to my Account for the unused days of the plan term for that Member. The high-speed data allowance for the Member’s plan will be pro-rated based on the number of days remaining in the Multi-Line plan term. The high-speed data allowance will also be pro-rated any time I change the monthly rate plan for any line on the Account.
  • For each Multi-Line plan term, full payment is due on all lines or service will be suspended.
  • Only the Account Owner’s line is eligible for the AutoPay discount.


"Upon adding a Member line, the Member’s renewal date will be aligned with my renewal date."  Good.  We are already synced.  I want it to stay that way.


"Full monthly payment is due immediately to activate the Member’s service"?  WHAT?


"A pro-rated credit will be issued to my Account for the unused days of the plan term for that Member."  Good.


Those last two statement are almost contradictory statements.  If they left out that middle sentence it would make sense.  That middle sentence is confusing.


Alll I want to know is will my wife's current credit (about 3 weeks) will be brought over and that our monthly renewal dates will stay synced.  That part about paying FULL MONTHLY PAYMENT IMMEDIATELY is what concerns me.  I paid just a week ago for her monthly bill.  Now I have to pay again?  Then pay yet again in 3 weeks?  


If THAT is true, then I will wait until the day before our payments are due and then go through the process then, if I have to pay for a full month's service charge.


I know how it SHOULD work, I just want confirmation AT&T's obtuse wording is misleading.


It's really poorly written and confusing on AT&T's part.  After much discussion, the in-store AT&T rep said I better wait until near the end of the billing cycle so I don't have to pay the extra $45 for nothing.  He was afraid they were just going to stick me for another $45 for no reason.


Of course, he also said my wife would have to come back with me to the store to do this, when I see clearly it can be done within the AT&T app...


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So when it has been 30 days , and the prorated amount still hasn't been credited, and the customer service agrnts can't understand, then what do I do? I work in the retention Dept at AT&T and on my lunch breaks, have spent the whole hour on the phone with customer service and they aren't even aware of a credit I'm owed. 



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Do you have to buy a phone from AT&T or can you bring your own phone for the multi line discount? We want to switch from straight talk but we just bought new phones and can't buy new phones again just for this 




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They do not have to be purchased from Att but must be Att compatible. Our 4 major phones on 4-multi line acct are not Att phones.

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