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Fri, May 24, 2013 5:18 AM

Rate plan expiration (Prepaid GoPhone)



I have an ATT GoPhone number for my occasional trips to the US. My account summary is as follows:




Main Account Balance


Account Status


Account Balance Expiration Date


Cancel Date


Rate Plan

$50 Monthly Unlimited Plan 

Rate Plan Status


Rate Plan Expiration Date





My questions are:


1. By when do I have to refill my account so that I can continue with the same number and rate plan?  And with how many dollars? 


2. My next trip to the US will not be for another 6 to 8 months at least, in the meantime, do I have to keep refilling my account with 50 bucks every month/ few months? Is there a way to maintain the same number that allows me to re-filI only when required? 


My main concern is maintaining the same number. 


I have read most of the literature available on the forum/ ATT website regarding this, but wasn't able to figure out a definite answer.




Wild Banchi



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7 y ago

Unfortunately, I do not think so. I am not familiar with the newer mobile hotspot plans. The mobile hotspot plans are not listed under the eligible plans listed here:



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5 y ago

Hopefully someone can answer this question.


I would like to know if my account says my plan has expired on Nov 11, can it be used again? I looked at the account online yesterday (Jan 15 2017) and it says to "Refill now to renew your plan". The account had no funds in it and I read somewhere that if after 59 days, the expired account would be cancelled and a new plan would have to be purchased. The plan expired 65 days ago. I would like to use the data sim (the plan I had was for data not voice) again March 15 (I am in Australia and only visit every few months) so I put $10 into the account to see what would happen. I don't mind losing the $10 but if I put the plan amount ($75) in, what happens if the plan can't be used? 


Can you put money on a plan for an expired account?




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4 y ago

I did that (only option to me was the 25c plan) .. By ballance still plumited to 0.





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4 y ago

If you want to keep the number and the money you put on it, $100 will hold it for one year on the 25 cent or $2/day plan.  Any amount between 15 and 99$ will only keep the number for 30 days, afterwards you lose the money and 60 days later the phone number and account. Adding 10$ will not extend the plan.  Once you get to the US you can change the plan to the one you want.  Just be sure to change it again when you leave and fund the account to keep the it open.

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