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Tue, Apr 28, 2020 10:01 PM

Pre-Payment Plan

I was on the pre-payment plan and wanted to cancel as I won't be using my phone again until Fall. After waiting on hold for two hours initially, I spoke with someone indicating my same phone number could not be kept. I had problems turning my pre-payment plan off, so asked for assistance. They would not provide assistance. I was told to download the app, which my phone was too old and not compatible. I was then directed to the website and to log on, which I did, but there was a message saying that because my PIN was recently changed, that it needed to verify information. The information required was the credit card on file and I tried inputting the number using dashes, spaces, and no dashes or spaces. It did not recognize my number. I went back to the credit card statement and confirmed that the number was correct. I again asked for assistance, and was not provided with assistance. All I needed was someone at their end to click on the "off" button. After being put on hold again for another hour and asking to speak to a supervisor to help, he came back on, at which time I tried again. Lo and behold, this time it worked, so not sure what he did at his end. I was finally able to click the "off" button for the pre-payment plan. Whew! The next day, a payment came out. I received a message the day before saying that my plan would renew the next day, which was the day I was trying to put it on hold. The service was awful and I did not get my payment reversed. All in all, after 2 days of being put on hold for 5 hours, I am still out my oiriginal payment that came out, and nobody was willing to help. I would rate customer service with AT&T a big -10.

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