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Wednesday, September 6th, 2017 10:45 PM


I need answers to this immediately or I will be switching back to MetroPCS sooner than I thought.  There is literally no information that is easily accessible from a Google search or any other forum, AT&T site, or message board for that matter regarding the promo with AT&T Prepaid for the 3rd and 12th months being free.  I have already paid 2 months into my prepaid account and switched just after the promo began to get the 3rd and 12th months free but I'm starting to get very skeptical about whether or not I'm actually going to get them because my account says literally nothing regarding my next month being free which would be my 3rd month so far.  I do not want to be charged and have to fight with people over the phone in a 3rd world country who don't speak English properly and with accents I can't understand to get this straightened out.  Your AT&T Prepaid customer service is a joke.  Why is there no email or live chat support?  All we can do is use the useless account website or call crappy customer service outside the United States?  Ridiculous.  Anyway, someone better give me more than just a generic reply saying the usual typical stuff in other threads I've seen like 'We would be glad to hear from you and solve your issue'.  I need an answer, NOT THE RUN AROUND SCRIPTS YOU USE TO REPLY, as I am sure others do too.  This whole "promo" has been the most confusing thing in the world.  Please just tell myself and others viewing this thread HOW THIS PROMO WORKS *IN DETAIL* SO THERE IS NO MORE CONFUSION.  We are paying customers at the end of the day and we deserve transparency, not people hoping we'll forget to make sure we get what is owed to us.  Thank you.



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7 years ago

It's the forth month according to my rep but each rep says something different and nobody knows anything  



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7 years ago

You have to pay for the 3rd month, and then you get a notice for a free month about a week later. I'm almost at the end of my 3rd month, but getting worried as well because I'm new to AT&T and just don't know how to claim the credit, or if it's already claimed. I'm still waiting about 5 more days to see though.

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