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Fri, Apr 10, 2020 3:04 AM

Looking For My Refer-A-Friend Referral Code

Hello, I'm looking for my personal referral or refer-a-friend code. I'm currently on the "$65/mo ($45/mo w/AP) Unlimited Plan" and I checked the "alerts" section and I don't see the referral link there or in any section anywhere on the landing page or in the sub categories of my online account.

I've already made my first initial payment of $45 + tax and have autopay on and I still can't find my referral code.

I've tried looking on both a regular computer browser and in the mobile app and no luck.

The Refer-a-Friend offer is also still active at this link below so I should be able to get it as long as I can find my referral code (wherever it is):

(see last screenshot for promotion).


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