5GB of Hotspot Data With an Unlimited Plan
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Wednesday, May 7th, 2014 5:34 AM

Gophone plans

Hello this is a complaint /strong suggestion that i believe many people would agree on. I have the iPhone 4s and it's a Gophone because I love iPhones and I don't have enough money for a contract so I obviously have the smart phone Gophone plan. And I feel strongly it's unfair that for the other plan for normal phones people can pay 50 a month and get unlimited talk text and data and yet I pay 60 a month for unlimited talk text and only 2gbs of data and yes I feel that's a great deal but I believe there should be another option I believe maybe ever for 70 a month the smart phone Gophone plan should be unlimited talk text and data. It's already unfair the other plan pays less and gets unlimited everything an I pay more and only get 2gb of data if I could pay the extra 10 dollars a month for unlimited data too that would be amazing. I love att and the Gophone deals but I want unlimited data too. I'm extremely dissatisfied that I don't get unlimited data. I want att and unlimited data on my Gophone plan I'm so unhappy about this I keep thinking of switching to something else but I don't want to leave att. So I strongly suggest another deal so I can get the unlined data to and then I would absolutely be in love with att and stick with them for the rest of my life I beg that someone take this into strong consideration because it would please many Gophone customers. 2gb is not enough for me an I don't have the money to pay for more everytime I run out which has happened to me a lot because I always use my data. Please make a new option with unlimited data for smart phone plans too. I really am begging. Until then I can't be satisfied and neither can a lot of customers please att do this for the satisfaction of your Gophone customers or else you might lose a lot of people. So many non contract phone company's already charge less than 60 and give unlimited data but I want to be with att and not them and I'm willing to pay atleast 70 for the unlimited data to be added. Please consider this and please get back to me. Thank you.

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9 years ago

Hello, smorgan91594!

Thanks for posting. We appreciate your feedback, and I will be sure to forward your comments. If you have anything to add, feel free to send me a private message.





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9 years ago

I hate to say it, but I do not believe that AT&T will take this suggestion into much consideration. The reason why feature phones have access to unlimited data for a cheaper price is because they are not as well-equipped as smartphones; therefore, they often use less data. The only data services available on most feature phones is obviously the web browser, MEdia Net, AT&T Navigator or other GPS functions, etc. Smartphones, on the other than, are very data hungry. Along with what was listed above, smartphones are equipped with their own personal application markets where one can purchase and download apps that may use large amounts of data. Because the network must be able to handle large amounts of mobile data being sent back and forth all at one time, allowing unlimited data for smartphone users is likely not possible.

I agree - it would be nice, but I do not think AT&T will budge on their pricing or plan options for now, especially because AT&T and several other carriers are phasing out unlimited data already.
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